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October 5, 2013

Leadership and Agile Believers Now Becoming CMMI Believers!

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Last week I attended the SEPG Conference in Pittsburgh where I gave a presentation on Tuesday with a client, titled, “Improving Performance with Enhanced Measures and Causal Analysis in an Agile Organization.”  (


We  had a packed room with people standing along the side and in the doorway, and we got great questions and great feedback on our session. 


One of our key messages was that using the CMMI higher maturity practices (level 4, 5), not only doesn’t cost more, it is actually a natural next step evolution as an organization grows up.  And we explained how my client organization was able to achieve success with these practices implementing them in a way that was both completely consistent with their agile (Scrum) approach and actually strengthened  their agile implementation. 


Key to the approach was involving practitioners (Scrum team members) early and throughout the process focusing on areas of improvement where the Scrum team members knew they could do better. 


This was a great way to get the practitioner buy-in, and management buy-in.  After the improvement effort one of the Scrum team members asked to become more involved in the future CMMI work.  Imagine that—An Agile believer now becoming a CMMI believer! 


On Wednesday at the Conference I participated in an Author’s Roundtable which was the last plenary session of the conference.  In answering the final question asked during the  roundtable I concluded with a few thoughts on leadership, involving practitioners and what’s different in this regard in large and small organizations. 


Bill Fox happened to be in the audience and took a picture and recorded part of my answer which you can find on Bill’s web site.  Bill also just released a great blog on Thought Leadership.  Check it out on Bill’s blog —


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