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April 23, 2010

SEMAT and diversity

Filed under: Software Engineering Method & Theory (SEMAT) — pemcmahon @ 6:04 pm

 A recent article on “SEMAT and diversity”
seems to indicate a belief that the SEMAT effort is limited to the signatories
and the small group who met at the Zurich kickoff.  The article also indicates
that the viewpoint of software practitioners is not adequately represented. 

 I happen to agree with the author when she states:

“the software problem isn’t just their problem -it belongs to all of us.” 

 It is worth pointing out that the SEMAT effort reaches far beyond the handful of Signatories and the small group who met in Zurich. 

As stated in the report of the first SEMAT workshop in Zurich ( ), authored by the troika (Ivar Jacobson, Bertrand Meyer, Richard Soley), the original five tracks remain with a new track added for Requirements, and:

“Track leaders are selecting members now and these members may come from the entire community not just from the signatories or the participants at the meeting. “

 There are currently over 1000 supporters of the SEMAT initiative.  Many of these supports are hard working software developers and managers with day jobs who clearly can represent the viewpoints of software practitioners.  One of the founders of the SEMAT initiative personally told me he doesn’t expect much of the SEMAT “heavy lifting” to come from the signatories, but rather from our over 1000 supporters and beyond who are facing the real problems everyday that the SEMAT initiative is intended to address. 

 Contrary to the referenced article above on “SEMAT and diversity,” I do not assume that the small group gathered in Zurich is “sufficiently diverse to solve the SEMAT problem.”  This is why we are reaching out to a much broader community. 

 If you read the report referenced above from the first SEMAT workshop in Zurich you will find that multiple track leaders have provided their email addresses as a contact point for those who are willing to help.  Watts Humphrey, who I am helping on the Assessment Track, told me that our challenge will not be figuring out what to do so much as  “getting people to agree and getting the resources to do it.”  We welcome those in the trenches–especially those who can represent the viewpoints of software practitioners– who have the time and willingness to help.


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